[SPM English Essay] ( how to elaborate more)?

Can I get some points?

English Essay Question

Read this writing task and discuss in class what experience and hobbies you could include to match the skills asked for.

You have seen this advertisement for a summer job.
Summer shop assistants needed for our new arts and crafts shop
You need to:

  • be good at working with people
  • have some knowledge of arts and crafts
  • be able to work during the busy tourist season in July and August
    Write saying why you would be suitable for the job to:
    Robert Brown, Manager, The Art of Craft, High Street, Oxford

Write your letter. (140-190 words)

English Essay Answer

Hi there,

The context of this question is writing a “cover letter” for the job application of summer shop assistant. Here are some points:

  1. Be good at working with people
    Give examples of working with your classmates, especially your past experiences of collaborating with club members or committee members in your clubs or societies.
    Example 1: Working with classmates from all walks of life to plan a donation drive for charity, leadership experience in group assignments, etc.
    Example 2: Emphasize more on your interpersonal skills, able to answer the queries of customer as well as being friendly - show your exuberance and your personality.
  1. Have some knowledge of arts and crafts
    Give examples of your involvement in your school arts club and handicrafts will be enough to capture your employer’s attention.
  1. Mention about availability to work during the tourist season, followed by reasons:
    Earning extra income or trying to gain work experience