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Addmath Logaritm Question

Addmath Logaritm Solution

This is an interesting question, and I will assume the question only ask to solve for x. Below is a possible solution.

The reason I’m saying this question is interesting, is because when x = 1, a logarithm with a base 1 will always give an ‘undetermined’ answer when the value inside is more than 1, in other words:

log₁(x) = undetermined when x > 1, no power can allow 1 to be transformed to a value greater than 1.

In this case, the x value is therefore closer to something like 1.0000000000000001, where y can be any real value that will satisfy the relation given in your question.

Answer to this question is therefore: x ~ 1.0000000…1, y can be any real value.


thank you so much!!!

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