[Biology gene crossing solution] Monohybrid Inheritance

Why is the answer C?


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Monohybrid Inheritance Question

  1. Among the tomato trees, the gene for green stem is recessive over the gene for purple stem. A tomato tree with green stem is crossed with a tomato tree, heterozygous for purple stem. Which of the following possibly shows the number of phenotype produced from this cross?
    Di kalangan pokok tomato, gen untuk batang hijau adalah resesif kepada gen untuk batang ungu. Sepohon pokok tomato berbatang hijau dikacukkan dengan pokok tomato heterozigot bagi batang ungu. Antara yang berikut,yang manakah mungkin menunjukkan bilangan fenotip yang terhasil daripada kacukan itu?
    A 170 purple 170 ungu
    B 170 green 170 hijau
    C 84 purple and 86 green 84 ungu dan 86 hijau
    D 128 purple and 42 green 128 ungu dan 42 hijau

Monohybrid Inheritance Solution

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Ohh okay, I understood now. It’s my first time seeing this type of question so I was confused why it isn’t exactly 50% 50% :grimacing: Thanks for explaining so clearly! :blush:
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