How to answer Biology KBAT Questions?

Sometimes the answers for KBAT questions is not in text book too. I do exercises but the questions always be different and the KBAT questions in SPM exam will be very difficult and different too…How do I get over this problem? :sob::joy:

Hi Farhaini,
I’m not very good at bio myself but I managed to pull through, I don’t really have much advice for this one? Basically, just practice state papers or past year papers (state papers are always more important in my opinion) and look out for specific keywords to use.

If you have the chance to use your school’s library, I recommend looking through reference books from different publishers, then find the KBAT questions from the books, write it down or print it, and compare your answers with the reference books answers. Reference book answers are not the most reliable but at least they give you some ideas on what to write. It’s quite impossible to prepare every question beforehand as SPM questions can be quite unpredictable. But looking at more KBAT questions will train your brain to approach the question in a better way.
Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for the tips!