How to solve addmaths questions more faster?

last exam, I was unable to complete few questions…Is it there is any tips? :laughing::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hi Farhaini,
I can say that doing more trial papers and past papers will help with your case. Practice consistently and train yourself to finish the whole paper in about 15-30 minutes less than the given time. If the paper is 2h, try to take about 1h30m-1h45m to finish it, then use the remaining time to do the double-checking, then mark it and record your score. I know it can be hard at first but with more practice, you will definitely see improvement.

Another tip you’ve probably heard before is to not waste too much time on an extremely difficult question. If you come across a 5 mark question, or even a 7 mark question but still cannot think of a solution after about 5 minutes, it is best to just skip it, do not panic, then continue with the next question, and get back to that question after you finished the other questions. Personally, I find this helpful, where there are a lot of times I couldn’t think of a way to solve at first glance but then I can think of a solution after getting back to it. If you’re calm you will also think clearer :slight_smile:

You can also make a collection of hard questions that you came across and then go through the solutions, making sure that you understand each and every step. You must know why your solution is incorrect. (But for me I’m lazy so I will just highlight that question then go through them when revising :stuck_out_tongue: )

To avoid careless mistakes, I will recommend you to do this: write down a list of careless mistakes you’ve made when doing questions. (For me, I like to write it on the front page of the trial papers.) Then go through your mistakes, make sure that you don’t repeat them in the next practice or exam.

Another important tip is getting enough rest before the exam. You might hear this one a lot as well, but it’s really true, I experienced it first-hand haha, I always get a higher score when I sleep more or when I’m calm :laughing:
More sleep=more energetic brain=clearer mind=think better :smiley:

For maths subjects, I don’t usually do one whole set on the night before the exam. Usually, on the night before the exam, I would just look at the practice papers I did, the list of careless mistakes, and some hard questions, then go to sleep lol :joy:

Remember that if you can’t do a question, then most of the candidates can’t do either :joy: We are all in this together :joy: If everyone finds it hard, the marks to get A will also drop :wink: (The marks to get A for Addmaths is much lower compared to other subjects in SPM, so just keep calm and do your best!)

Hope this helps and best of luck Farhaini! :four_leaf_clover:


It’s really true that I didn’t sleep well before the exam and I usually will make lots of careless :rofl: Thank you very much for those tips. I will make more practices and follow your advices.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::relaxed::blush:

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