[SPM Add Math 2019 Negeri Sembilan P1 Q18 Solution] How should I solve this question?

[SPM Addmath Trial] 2019 Negeri Sembilan Paper 1 (P1) Question 18 (Q18)
[SPM Matematik Tambahan Trial] 2019 Negeri Sembilan Kertas 1 (K1) Soalan 18

18 Diagram 6 shows a model of a curved skateboard ramp. The curve surface is represented by using a quadratic p(x), where p is the height, in metres, above the ground.
Rajah 6 menunjukkan sebuah model landasan papan luncur. Permukaan lengkung papan luncur diwakili oleh fungsi kuadratik p(x), dengan keadaan p ialah tinggi, dalam meter, di atas permukaan lantai.


Diagram Rajah 6 The height of the ramp is 8 \mathrm{~m} and the horizontal length is 6 \mathrm{~m}. The lowest point of the ramp is 0.5 \mathrm{~m} above the ground. Write the quadratic function in form of p(x)=a(x+p)^{2}+q
Tinggi landasan itu ialah 8 \mathrm{~m} dan panjang mengufuk ialah 6 \mathrm{~m}. Titik paling rendah landasan ialah 0.5 \mathrm{~m} di atas tanah. Tulis fungsi kuadratik dalam bentuk p(x)=a(x+p)^{2}+q .

[3 marks] [3 markah]

Answer/ Jawapan:

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Hi Bernard,
This is one of the many possible answers, where the symmetric axis is taken as x = 0.


Check out this example with a different coordinate system defined. The answer really depends on how you set up your own coordinate system, stated clearly to the examiner.


Thank you so much!!!

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