[SPM Add Math Melaka Paper 2] How to solve question d? The answer is 38 but my answer is 42


  1. Suatu zarah bergerak di sepanjang suatu garis lurus melalui satu titik tetap O. Halaju zarah itu, v \space ms^{-1}, diberi oleh v = t^2 – 10t + 24, dengan keadaan t ialah masa dalam saat selepas melalui O.
    A particle moves along a straight line and passes through a fixed point O. Its velocity, v \space ms^{-1}, is given by v = t^2 – 10t + 24, where t is the time in seconds after passing through O.

Cari / Find
(a) halaju awal dalam ms^{-1}
the initial velocity in ms^{-1}
[1 markah/mark]

(b) halaju minimum, dalam ms^{-1}
the minimum velocity, in ms^{-1}
[3 markah/marks]

(c) julat nilai t ketika zarah bergerak ke arah kiri
the range of values of t for which the particle moves towards the left side
[2 markah/marks]

(d) jumlah jarak dalam m, yang dilalui oleh zarah dalam 5 saat pertama
the total distance, in m, travelled by the particle in the first 5 seconds.,
[4 markah/marks]


Hi Farhaini,
I don’t think that there is a problem with the answer, maybe you mistyped something in the calculator? Anyway, here is my working for your reference. :blush:

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Ouhhh Thank you very much !! :grin::grin::+1::+1::+1:

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