[SPM Add Math Progression Q8 Solution] Challenging function/series question

How to solve this question? [From group chat]

This is my solution, there may be other more simplified approach.

SPM Add Math Progression Q8

8 It is given functions f(x)=p, f^{2}(x)=q, f^{3}(x)=r dan f^{4}(x)= s. If f^{4}(x)=x,

(a) find in terms of p, q, r_{\text {, or }} s for:
(i) f^{\text {8n }}(x), where n=1,2,3, \ldots, [1 mark]
(ii) f^{70}(x). [1 mark]

(b) State the value of k, such that f^{k}(x)=p, where 26 \leq k<33 and k is an integer. [1 mark] [Forecast]

SPM Add Math Progression Q8 Solution

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