[SPM Add Math Trial 2018 Kedah P1 Q3, Q15 Solution] How should I solve b

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Hi, I have attached the solution below, by comparing coefficients on both sides of equation.

[SPM Addmath Trial] 2018 Kedah Paper 1 (P1) Question 3 (Q3)

[SPM Matematik Tambahan Percubaan] 2018 Kedah Kertas 1 (K1) Soalan 3

3 Given f^{-1}(x)=p x+4 and g(x)=3\left(x^{2}-4\right). Find
Diberi f^{-1}(x)=p x+4 dan g(x)=3\left(x^{2}-4\right). Cari

(a) f(x)
(b) the value of p if g(x)=\frac{1}{4} f\left(x^{2}\right).
nilai p jika g(x)=\frac{1}{4} f\left(x^{2}\right).

SPM Addmath Trial 2018 Kedah P1 Q3 Solution

Another way for (b) would be this

Owhhhhhhh I remembered already. Thanks by the way

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What about this question?

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These kind of questions are quite open-ended, as long it’s a linear function of x it would be accepted.

Btw, next time try re-creating a new post in the forum rather than continuing in this thread, but for this time you don’t have to repost.

[SPM Addmath Trial] 2019 MRSM Paper 1 (P1) Question 15 (Q15)

[SPM Matematik Tambahan Trial] 2019 MRSM Kertas 1 (K1) Soalan 15

15 Diagram 6 shows x maps onto f(x).
Rajah 6 menunjukkan x dipetakan kepada f(x) .

Diagram 6
Rajah 6

State two possible linear functions to represent the above relation.
Nyatakan dua fungsi linear yang mungkin bagi mewakili hubungan di atas.
[2 marks] [2 markah]

Answer / Jawapan:

[SPM Addmath Trial] 2019 MRSM P1 Q15 Solution