[SPM Biology Biodiversity Question] Why the answer is C?


Biology Diversity Question

7 Diagram 1 shows a phylogenetic tree of some carnivores.
Rajah 1 menunjukkan pokok filogeni bagi sebilangan karnivor.

Which inferences are true about this phylogenetic tree?
Inferens yang manakah benar tentang pokok filogeni ini?

I The dog and tiger are in different classes
Anjing dan harimau dalam kelas yang berbeza

II The badger and otter belong to the same order
Bajer dan memerang dalam order yang sama

III The tiger and otter do not share a common ancestor
Harimau dan memerang tidak berkongsi leluhur yang sama

IV The fox and dog share the first part of scientific name
Musang dan anjing berkongsi bahagian pertama pada nama saintifik

A I and II/I dan II
B II and III/II dan III
C II and IV / II dan IV
D III and IV/III dan IV

Biology Diversity Solution

Using the above figure as a reference,

A should be Order, B should be Family and C should be Genus, and the last sub-classification (e.g., tiger, badger) is the Species.

The binomial nomenclature used by Linnaeus system gives each species a unique, two-word Latin name consisting of the genus name (first name) and the species name (second name).

In this case,

  1. All of the animals are under the same Family, and hence belong to the same Order and same Class. I is wrong and II is correct. Subsequently, this means all animals have the same ancestor, and hence III is also wrong.
  1. The fox and dog belong to C4, which is the same genus, hence they share the first part of scientific name (Genus).

Therefore, answer is C. II and IV


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