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The following information shows the characteristics of a genetic disease.
Maklumat berikut menunjukkan ciri-ciri sejenis penyakit genetik.
Caused by gene mutation
Disebabkan oleh mutasi gen
Cannot differentiate between red and green colours
Tidak boleh membezakan antara warna merah dan warna hijau

What is the genetic disease?
Apakah penyakit genetic itu?

A Albinism
B Haemophilia
C Colour blindness
Buta warna
D Down’s syndrome
Sindrom Down


Hi Laya,
When someone cannot differentiate between red and green colours, they are colour blind. Actually, colour blindness has a lot of types, but the most common one is red-green colour blindness.

Here’s an image below illustrating red-green colour blindness, where the top two pictures are what a normal person sees, while the bottom two pictures are what a person who is red-green colour blind sees.

Image from Wikipedia

Albinism is also caused by gene mutation. People who have albinism have either little or no colour to skin, eyes or hair, and they are very sensitive to sunlight.


Haemophilia is when a person suffers from excessive bleeding, and the blood does not clot normally. It is also caused by gene mutation.

Down’s syndrome is caused by chromosomal mutation. The normal human has 46 chromosomes, but people with Down’s syndrome have 47 chromosomes. They look somewhat similar and share facial characteristics such as having flat noses, slanted eyes, short limbs and have mild to moderate intellectual disability.

Hope this helps! :smiley:

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