[SPM Biology Inheritance ] How to solve this question?😄

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Biology Inheritance Question

  1. Warna biji kacang kuning (Y) dominan kepada biji kacang hijau (y). 200 tumbuhan heterozigot telah dikacukkan sendiri dan 1500 biji kacang kuning dikumpulkan. Berapakah biji kacang hijau dikumpulkan?
    The seed colour of yellow seed (Y) is dominant to green seed (y). 200 heterozygous plants were selt-propagated and 1500 yellow seeds were collected. How many green seeds are collected?

A 500
C 1000
B 7.50
D 2000

Solution Biology Inheritance

Apologies if my biology knowledge is rusty, but these are my thoughts:

We have a combination of YY, Yy, yY and yy.
And since Y is dominant, it will always be manifested as yellow seed other than the ‘yy’ combination which will only be the green seed.

So, ratio of yellow:green seeds should always be 3:1. Given that yellow seeds is 1500, by ratio calculations, green seed should be 1500/3 = 500 seeds.

Answer should be A. 500.

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ohh yaaa I understand now… your answer is correct. Thank you so much for your explanation!:blush::blush::+1: