[SPM Biology Leaf Structure and Function Question ] Why D is not the answer?

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Rajah 16 menunjukkan keratan rentas daun. Tumbuhan ini terdedah kepada habuk simen dari kilang simen berhampiran.
Diagram 16 shows a cross section of a leaf. This plant is exposed to cement dust from a nearby cement factory.

Apakah kesan terhadap fotosintesis sekiranya struktur \mathrm{K} dilitupi dengan habuk simen tersebut?
What is the effect on photosynthesis if structure \mathrm{K} is covered with cement dust?

A Pembebasan karbon dioksida ke persekitaran menurun.
The release of carbon dioxide to the environment decreases.

B Pembebasan oksigen ke persekitaran meningkat.
The release of oxygen to the environment increases.

C Penghasilan glukosa menurun.
The production of glucose decreases.

D Penghasilan kanji meningkat.
The production of starch increases.


We are only looking at PHOTOSYNTHESIS, which is the process of using CO2 to produce glucose.

When structure K is covered with dust, less carbon dioxide can diffuse through the stomata, leading to lower rate of photosynthesis and hence lower amount of glucose produced.

Therefore, answer is C. The production of glucose decreases.

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