[SPM Biology Population Ecology Question] How do I calculate the frequency?



SPM Biology Population Ecology Question

8 Table 1 shows the results of an activity carried out to investigate the frequency of grass at a school field. Jadual 1 menunjukkan keputusan bagi aktiviti yang dijalankan untuk menyiasat frekuensi rumput di padang sekolah.

The frequency of grass is Frekuensi bagi rumput itu ialah

A 13.5 \%
B 40.0 \%
C 60.0 \%
D 86.5 \%

SPM Biology Population Ecology Solution

The following formula will be used:

Since Quadrat 2, 3 and 5 are quadrats in which the grass is found, there are 3 quadrats out of 5 quadrats which contain the species grass, hence:

% Frequency = 3/5 * 100% = 60%

Answer is C. 60%


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