[SPM BIOLOGY SBP P2 ] Why my answer for Q is wrong? I think I answered the question correctly

(c) State the internal structure adaptation of \mathrm{P} and \mathrm{Q} for photosynthesis process.
Nyatakan penyesuaian struktur dalaman pada P dan Q untuk proses fotosintesis.

P: Palisade mesophyll cells are vertically and closely-packed to receive maximum light exposure.
Sel mesofil palisad dalam keadaan tegak dan rapat untuk menerima pendedahan cahaya maksimum.

Q: Some of lower epidermal cell is adapted to become guard cell, which control the opening and closing of stomata (site for exchange of gases).
Beberapa sel epidermis bawah menjadi sel pengawal untuk mengawal pembukaan dan penutupan stoma (kawasan pertukaran gas-gas).

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Hi Farhaini,

Your answer and the mark scheme probably carry the same meaning,
But Biology usually is marked by looking at keywords (which must exactly matched).

For P, the keywords “maximum light exposure” is there.
But “vertically and closely-packed” seems to be missing.

For Q, the keywords opening & closing of stoma & gaseous exchange is there.
But “guard cell” seems to be missing.

No matter how the answer is phrased, it is important to ensure all keywords in the topic somehow appear in the answer.

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Ohh I see. Maybe I must do more exercises to identify the keywords. Thank you very much !:+1::+1::blush:

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