[SPM Chemistry Johor 2018 Food Additives]


https://trial.spmpaper.me/2018/Chemistry/Johor/2018%20Chemistry%20P1%20Johor.pdf https://trial.spmpaper.me/2018/Chemistry/Johor/2018%20Chemistry%20P1%20Johor%20Answer.pdf
The answers are inaccurate especially about the additives in food which is to increase nutritional value nombor 50 last questions

i am just unsure of the answers, i need someone to double check 1-50


50 Diagram 18 shows some food which contains food additives.
Rajah 18 menunjukkan beberapa makanan yang mengandungi bahan tambah makanan.

Which of the following is a function of food additives?
Manakah antara berikut merupakan satu fungsi bahan tambah makanan?

A Keeping the food fresher
Mengekalkan kesegaran makanan
B Ensuring nutritional balance
Memastikan keseimbangan nutrien
C Better nutritional value
Nilai nutrien yang lebih baik
D Natural food taste
Rasa semulajadi makanan


Hi Maryah,
I do agree with you that the answer to question 50 is inaccurate, in my opinion, it should be A. (Fast food is never nutritious, so B and C are out, and as for D fast food never tastes natural haha :joy:)

Food additives have three uses in general:

  • Improve the food’s appearance
  • Prevent spoilage of food
  • Improve the taste and texture of food

However, I don’t think the mark scheme attached is the wrong one? I doubled check the answers for the first 20 questions and they seem fine to me. If there are any other questions you’re unsure of, feel free to pinpoint them and I’ll try my best to help! :blush:

Here is a rather interesting video, where a McDonald’s burger still remains fresh after 24 years :laughing: you’ll never know what kind of preservatives they put in there to make them last so long :joy:
24 year old McDonald’s Burger :hamburger: and Fries :fries: - YouTube

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