[SPM Chemistry SBP 2018 Question P1 Q9] Why the answer is D and not A?

9. The following statement shows the characteristics of a metal. Pernyataan berikut menunjukkan ciri-ciri suatu logam.

  • Able to form complex ion
    Berupaya membentuk ion kompleks
  • Can be used as a catalyst
    Boleh digunakan sebagai mangkin
    Which of the following metals has the above characteristics?
    Antara logam berikut, yang manakah mempunyai ciri-ciri di atas?
    A. Sodium
    B. Barium
    C. Calcium
    D. Iron

Key hint here is formation of complex ion, which is only reserved for Transition elements. In this case, only Iron is a suitable solution.

Besides, you should have knowledge that iron is used as a catalyst in Haber process to produce ammonia.

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Ohhh ya Transition elements Thank you very much :blush::+1: