[SPM Math Indices Q1 Solution] How to solve this indices question

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SPM Math Indices Q1

  1. It is given that \overbrace{(a \times a \times \ldots \times a)(a \times a \times \ldots \times a)}^{(p+q) \text { times } q \text { times }}=(\sqrt{a})^{n}, where p, q and n are constants.
    Express n in terms of p and q. [3 \mathrm{marks}]
    Diberi bahawa (\overbrace{a \times a \times \ldots \times a)}^{(p+q) \text { kali }} \overbrace{a \times a \times \ldots \times a)}^{\text {q kali }}=(\sqrt{a})^{n}, dengan keadaan p, q dan n ialah pemalar.
    Ungkapkan n dalam sebutan p dan q .
    [3 markah]

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