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18 Sebuah peta dilukis dengan skala 1:500 000. Hitung jarak sebenar, dalam km, sebatang jalan raya yang panjangnya 8cm pada peta itu.
A map is drawn on a scale 1:500 000. Calculate the actual distance, in km, a road which is 8cm on the map.
A 40
B 50
C 60
D 70


Hi Farhaini,
A scale of 1:500000 means that the distance between two locations in the real world is 500000 times longer than the distance between the two points representing the two locations on the map. For example, if the distance between two points on the map is 2cm, then the real-world distance between the two locations would be 2cm \times 500000=1 \times 10^6 cm.
So for this question, a distance of 8cm on the map would mean that the actual distance is 8cm \times 500000=4 \times 10^6 cm
Since the question wants the distance in km, we would just convert the cm into km.
\frac{4 \times 10^6}{100}=40000m


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