[SPM Opinion Essay] - Online learning during pandemic

Any good ideas for this topic? Much appreciated :grin:

  1. Online learning is an advantage for students during a pandemic outbreak. What is your opinion on this?

Hello! There are several aspects you can approach this question, here are some key points I hope you’ll find helpful:

The advantages

  • Convenient
    -For students who live much further away from school, online learning saves the hassle of transportation, traffic jams, and the risk of being late for school.
    -Need not wake up early to get ready for school, students can just wake up 5 to 10 minutes prior to online classes.

  • In the comfort of your own room
    -Most disciplinary rules do not apply in online classes, example:
    -Students need not wear school uniforms, tidy hair
    -Need not wait until recess time to eat, can have meals during online classes
    -Spacious desk, cozy chair
    -Adjust the lighting, room temperature to your preference.

  • Safety
    -Online classes are necessary to curb the spread of the virus
    -Protects students from being exposed to the virus
    -No face-to-face nor physical interactions
    -Keep our families and neighbourhood safe from the virus

The disadvantages

  • Bad for mental and physical health
    -Eye strain due to long hours of online classes, homework and assignments are all done online
    -Worsens eyesight as being exposed to UV light more frequent
    -Feeling of isolation - unable to mingle with friends, social interaction is minimized during online classes
    -Statistics have shown deprivation of social interaction due to online classes has caused mental health of adolescents to deteriorate,
    depression has become more ubiquitous and suicide cases have been rising

  • Distractions
    -Urge to check social media, fall asleep
    -Teacher do not know what’s actually going on behind the screen
    -Similar to physical classes where students have the urge to talk to each other in class, students have the desire to text each other in class but teachers are not there to supervise them
    -Some students have no privacy- family members would barge into their room in the middle of the lesson

  • Technical and financial difficulties
    -For students from low income families, they can hardly afford a personal computer or WiFi
    -Lagging due to old computers, microphone not working, computer crashing
    -Unstable internet connection demotivates students from learning as it is hard to catch up with the pace of the lesson after being continuously disrupted during the lesson

For me I would end my essay by saying:
Although online learning is carried out in the comfort of my own room, convenient and safe during a pandemic outbreak, but the disadvantages outweighs the advantages. To me, nothing beats education in the four walls of a classroom with giggles and laughter among classmates when the teacher makes a hilarious joke. The priceless student-teacher relationship, and the camaraderies forged between schoolmates is the joy of attending school. After all, introverts or extroverts, humans are social beings which crave social interaction from time to time.

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