[SPM Physics Gravitation] Why the answer is D?


8 Which of the following statement is correct about the gravitational forces acting on earth and moon?
[Gravitational force of the earth against the moon =F_{E} ]
[Gravitational force of the moon against the earth =F_{M} ]
Pernyataan yang manakah adalah betul mengenai daya-daya graviti yang bertindak pada bumi dan bulan?
[ Dava graviti bumi terhadap bulam =\mathrm{F}_{\mathrm{B}} ]
[ Dava graviti bulan terhadap bumi =\mathrm{F}_{\mathrm{M}} ]
A \quad F_{E}>F_{M}
B F_{E}<F_{M}
C F_{E} \geq F_{M}
D F_{E}=F_{M}


Hi Farhaini,
This has something to do with Newton’s Third Law: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction! Force exerted by object A on object B is equal in magnitude and opposite in direction to force exerted by object B on object A. So in this case, object A is our Earth and object B is our moon.

Hope this helps! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: