[SPM Physics Gravitational force Question] Is it the answer is C or D?


\underline{30} Berdasarkan Rajah 8, titik P berada pada jarak r dari jasad berjisim M di titik X dan jarak 2 r dari jasad berjisim M di titik Y.
Based on Diagram 8, the point P is at a distance of r from an object with mass, M at X, and distance 2 r from an object with mass, M at Y.
Rajah 1
Diagram 1
Kesemua yang berikut akan berlaku pada objek yang diletakkan di P kecuali
All the following will happen to an object placed at P except
A Bergerak ke X
Move to X
B Ditarik oleh objek di X
Pulled by object at X
C Ditarik oleh objek di Y
Pulled by object at Y
D Kekal pegun
Remain stationary

We know both X and Y exert ‘gravitational pull’ on object P, therefore B and C will happen.
Based on Newton’s Law of Gravitation where,
Since X and Y both have the same mass, and M is at a closer distance to P, assuming that X is huge enough for ‘pulling’ to happen, the “net effect” of P will be moving towards X.

Therefore, by elimination, D is the exception and hence is the answer, unless there is an additional force resisting the “net pulling” of P to M, which is unlikely considering the absence of information on such force.

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