[ SPM Physics Kedah Paper 2] How to solve this question? 😊


Diagram 3 shows Earth-Moon system.
Rajah 3 menunjukkan sistem Bumi-Bulan.

(a) The Moon orbits around the Earth once in 27.3 days. The distance between the centre of the Earth and the Moon is 3.84 \times 10^8 m. Given the mass of the moon is 7.35 \times 10^{22} kg.
Bulan mengorbit mengelilingi Bumi sekali dalam 27.3 hari. Jarak di antara pusat Bumi dan pusat Bulan ialah 3.84 \times 10^8 m. Diberi jisim Bulan ialah 7.35 \times 10^{22} kg.
(i) Determine the linear speed of the Moon.
Tentukan laju linear bagi bulan.


Hi Farhaini,
I don’t think your answer is wrong actually, but because the question didn’t give the values of G or M, and since it is also not on the front page list of the question paper, it is better to use the information given by the question. (I realized the Kelantan paper gave the value of G in front but this paper didn’t, it depends on the list I guess?) So you end up getting an answer which is very close to the mark scheme, but not the exact value.

Actually, this is just a matter of answering techniques haha, because when they give you those values, most likely they want you to use them instead ^^

Hope this helps, there is not much to say about it since I’m not an examiner :sweat_smile:


Ohhh I see Thank you very much !!:blush::relaxed::blush::grin:

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