[SPM Physics Nuclear Physics] Why the answer is B?

23. Which of the following isotopes is suitable to detect blood clothing in a patient’s body?
Antara isotop berikut, yang manakah sesuai digunakan untuk mengesan pembekuan darah dalam badan pesakit?

Isotopes Isotop Half-life Separuh hayat
P 10 seconds 10 saat
Q 20 hours 20 jam
R 5 months 5 bulan
P 10 years 10 tahun

A. If the half-life is 10 seconds, there won’t be sufficient time to perform diagnosis/detection.

C. For a 5 months half-life, it would lead to harmful effects, as it would need 5 MONTHS for the radioactivity to drop to half of its value, imaging the effect on the human’s body.

D. Needless to say, 10 years of half-life would damage the person’s body.

Therefore, with a half life of B. 20 hours (Isotope Q), it would be the most suitable for doctors to perform detection (maybe within 1 hour), where the isotope will decay to half of its original radioactivity after 1 day and rapidly declines in radioactivity over the week - making it safe for the human.

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Owhhh okay I understand now, thank you!! :blush: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: