[SPM Physics Penang 2020 ] I can't understand the answer for question b and c

SPM Physics Question
6. Diagram 6.1 shows a water waves passing through a log that floats in water.
Diagram 6.2 shows a student standing at one corner of a building at B who can hear the sound from a loudspeaker at A.

Rajah 6.1 menunjukkan gelombang air bergerak melalui sebatang kayu balak yang terapung di atas permukaan air.

Rajah 6.2 menunjukkan seorang pelajar berdiri pada satu sudut bangunan pada kedudukan B yang masih dapat mendengar bunyi daripada pembesar suara di kedudukan \mathrm{A}.


(b) Referring to Diagram 6.1, what will happen to a floating object that is placed at Merujuk kepada Rajah 6.1, apakah akan terjadi kepada satu objek terapung yang diletakkan pada
(i) \mathrm{P} [1 mark / 1 markah ]
(ii) \mathrm{Q} [1 mark / 1 markah ]
(c) Name one other wave phenomenon that occurs in Diagram 6.1.
Namakan satu fenomena gelombang lain yang berlaku pada Rajah 6.1.[1 mark /1 markah ]

SPM Physics Solution
bi) Vibrates/Oscillates
ii) Stationary
c) Reflection

For (b),
When the wave undergo diffraction due to the obstacles, region P has wave (particles moving up and down about the equilibrium) but region Q does not has wave.

For (c),
Wave will undergo reflection and diffraction when it hits an obstacles like a wall.

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