[SPM Physics Pressure Q23 Solution] Pressure form 5

The correct answer is C or D?

SPM Physics Pressure Q23

23 Diagram 10 shows a canopy being flipped up due to a strong wind.
Rajah 10 menunjukkan sebuah kanopi terangkat ke atas akibat angin kencang.

Which statement is correct?
Pernyataan manakah yang betul?

A More air is trapped under the canopy
Lebih banyak udara terperangkap di bawah kanopi

B Speed of air is lower above the canopy
Laju udara lebih rendah di atas kanopi

C Pressure above the canopy is lower than under the canopy
Tekanan di atas kanopi lebih rendah daripada di bawah kanopi

D Buoyant force increases because the air moves faster above the canopy
Daya apungan bertambah kerana udara bergerak lebih laju di atas kanopi

SPM Physics Pressure Q23 Solution

Answer should be C.

As air travels faster above the canopy, it causes a lower pressure above the canopy compared to below the canopy, and therefore the pressure difference between the bottom and top of canopy causes the canopy to be flipped.

There is no relation of buoyancy force to air speed, as buoyancy force is a function of density, volume and gravitational acceleration only.


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