[SPM Chemistry Hydrocarbon Q40 Solution] Carbon Carbon compound

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SPM Chemistry Hydrocarbon Q40

40 Diagram 8 shows a hydrocarbon compound
Rajah 8 menunjukkan suatu sebatian.hidrokarbon

Diagram 8
Rajah 8

What is the IUPAC name for this compound?
Apakah nama IUPAC bagi stuktur ini?

A 5-ethylhex-6-ene 5-etilheks-6-ena
B 3-ethylhex-2-ene 3-etilheks-2-ena
C 3-ethylhex-6-ene 3-etilheks-6-ena
D 3-ethylhex-5-ene 3-etilheks-5-ena

SPM Chemistry Hydrocarbon Q40 Solution

I will explain how to solve in the following steps:


  1. Start by identifying the longest chain. With 6 carbons, this implies the carbon compound belongs to the “hexane” category.

  2. Identify the presence of any double bond on the lowest carbon number. Since the double bond is at the second carbon, it should be renamed hex-2-ene.

  3. Finally, note that the branching part has 2 carbons, hence it is an ethyl group which is connected to the third carbon of the main chain, giving 3-ethyl as the prefix.

The full IUPAC name will therefore be: 3-ethylhex-2-ene. Answer is B.